White House petition to declare ANTIFA as a terrorist organization sky rockets in signatures


A petition to the White House to request that ANTIFA be declared a terrorist organization has now gained over 75,000 signatures since Friday. The anarchist organization has long been identified on social media, while mainstream media has refused to cover their long record of violence and political intimidation tactics. Most notably, the “Berkeley riots”, when ANTIFA members took to the streets of Berkeley, smashed windows of Berkeley University, attacked and maced students, started fires and shut down the speech of Milo Yiannopoulos. This group also caused mayhem during the inauguration of Donald J. Trump in January, again smashing window’s of businesses and lighting cars and limos on fire.

Many leftist groups online and in the mainstream media have tried to twist the image of the group, elevating them as “heroes” that fight racism. Just recently, CNN published an article headlined: “Antifa: Peace through violence”. Some celebrities have even chimed in, praising the extremist organization.

Once the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, it can be officially addressed by the White House.
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