NYPD Officer Pantaleo Fired for Role in Eric Garner Case


Almost 5 years ago, Officer Daniel Pantaleo encountered Eric Garner on the North Shore of Staten Island selling illegal cigarettes in front of a local store. When Garner felt he was being unjustifiably detained he began to resist. Video captured by a bystander then shows a struggle where Garner is taken down by Officer Pantaleo using what seems to be a “headlock” or “chokehold” of some sort. The video is below:

Garner can be heard crying out “I can’t breathe” multiple times in the video. Garner would go on to die after the altercation from complications of asthma brought on by neck compression according to the medical examiner. See the report here from NYTIMES.

Recently AG William Barr’s justice dept. decided against bringing federal charges against Officer Pantaleo.

Early Monday morning Police Commissioner James O’Neill held a press conference where he announced Officer Pantaleo would be fired.

Many people were outraged at the decision:

The terrible tragedy that took the life of Mr. Garner has been fueling anger from both pro-police groups and civil liberties groups. The officer involved also has faced tumultuous backlash from those who wished to see him charged with a crime. Hopefully, NYC can find peace in this tragic situation.


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