Opinion: Hong Kong Protesters Show Respect to America, While Americans Kneel


By Zach Myshkoff, Nyx News Contributor

As tensions escalate in Hong Kong between protesters and the Chinese Government, one thing is becoming abundantly clear: the protesters in Hong Kong are more respectful of America, and its role in the fight against tyranny, than many of our own citizens.

By that, I mean our athletes, such as Colin Kaepernick, Race Imboden (the fencer who kneeled during the gold medal ceremony at the world championships) and others who have taken it upon themselves to disgrace themselves on the national and global stage.  

While our athletes take it upon themselves, to dishonor America in pursuit of faux activism, those oversees respect America.  When one experiences real oppression, and tyrannical governments, America doesn’t seem so bad.  

Watch: Footage of Hong Kong protesters singing the National Anthem during their rally against oppressive government truly highlights why America is the beacon of Freedom throughout the world


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