Dem Disaster – Candidates Promise FREE “everything” while Biden sinks…


Democrats were not hiding their support for enticing voters to vote for them by promising as much free stuff as possible. It did not stop at American citizens either. Every single Democrat candidate on the stage raised their hand in accordance with a question that asked if they would cover illegal immigrants in a government funded healthcare system.

The debates also took a heated turn when Kamal Harris took aim at Joe Biden for his comments and about his admiration for segregationist Senators that he worked with in the past and his, what Harris stated, “opposition to bussing”. The battle got heated quick when Biden fired back stating he was only following the law and didn’t see the federal government fit to intervene in the matter.

Biden’s people had said he would not appear in the spin room after the debate but he was caught up who by a reporter who pressed Biden on the issue. Biden seem to bumble up the question and ramble on incoherently about some issue with state lines and some other unintelligible babble before his wife swooped in to rescue him.

The takeaway from last night’s debate? Free everything for everyone (even non-citizens), Joe Biden is outmatched, Harris shone through, Mayor Pete was sweating profusely but handled most questions well, Hickenlooper is the most “moderate” of the field, Bernie is still an angry old-man, and the rest were not a factor in anyway.

It’s still too early to tell who will come away with the nomination but we are pretty sure Biden will take a major hit in the polls after an abysmal performance last night.


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