NYU cancels Breitbart’s Milo event in an attempt to silence conservative ideas


Milo Yiannopoulos, the infamous Breitbart News journalist, has had yet another one of his events shut down. This time, from triggered faculty at NYU. The NYU College Republicans group set up the event for November 17th. NYU sent out a mass email, labelling Milo’s fact driven speeches as “attacks” on Islams and LGBTQ organizations, despite the fact that Milo himself is homosexual.

But, oh well, I guess censoring free speech is no big deal, right?

NYU College Republicans take a stand

In an avid facebook post on the NYU College Republican’s face book page, frustration is prominent. The open letter states :

“It is deeply offensive to use this pretext to justify using the power of the NYU establishment to allow one group of students to silence another at will. It is insulting to NYU’s academic freedom, mission, integrity, and to any student paying tuition fees, and particularly so that the decision was made without giving the club organizing the event a chance to defend themselves from their accusers. We will be planning other solutions for now, it is only fair since we were completely left out of the decision process.”

Many students were not only deeply upset, but called to set up a private event elsewhere.

What this says about the future

If Hillary Clinton wins the Presidency, will this behavior of silencing students be just as okay as it is now?


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