Mega Facebook page ‘DankTrumpMeme’ shadowbanned overnight – PRESS RELEASE


The Facebook page ‘Dank Trump Meme’, which has ranked up over 150,000 followers, has been removed from all news feeds. The page, which normally has anywhere from 300-3,000 likes per post and thousands of shares, seen a drastic decline on Saturday morning, June 2, 2018.

Some users claimed to have been automatically unsubscribed to the page without their doing.

The admin released the following statement on new social media site, COMVO:

“Facebook has destroyed our page. Dank Trump Meme on Facebook has 150,000 followers. We now have no reach and our followers cannot see our posts in their feeds. I started this page in March of 2016. I posted one meme every single day in support of Donald Trump. Day by day, I grew a following. Videos helped us go viral and grow beyond our expectation, but lately our videos have stopped gaining any traction. I ignored this and kept pushing. This morning I posted a few memes as usual. We usually keep things vanilla to avoid bans, and we never have been. Later on in the day, I checked on the engagement. There was not one like on any of the posts! An error message pops up when making a post and they completely disabled the option to advertise. After years of trying to make fresh content and influencing the culture while supporting our President, it is all gone. I don’t know what to do from here. Its exhausting to invest so much time into something just to have people wipe it away with one click. I don’t know how to contact Facebook, they don’t exactly make it easy. Please stand with us in the fight against censorship. Share this post, get the word out. And thanks for supporting us for so long “

Pictures below are screenshots directly from the page:

The leftist monopoly on mainstream social media has been an uphill battle for many who feel they have been unjustly censored on the platforms. The meeting with Congress and Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook CEO, seems to have had made no progress with the website’s silencing tactics. Whether Facebook will address this or not remains to be seen.

The page admins can be contacted through instagram or free speech social media COMVO @danktrumpmeme


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