Kanye West gives chilling talk on stage before being forced to psych-ward for calling out the establishment and praising Donald Trump


In a world dictated by media, many have held a grudge against Kanye West since his infamous stage-crashing stunt in 2009, which continuously demonized Mr. West for years. Kanye has also been infamously known for his spouts with paparazzi. In his last concert performed since he was hospitalized in Los Angeles, Kanye West gave his listeners a peak into the Matrix at the attempt to wake them from which many consider the “sleeping state of society”. Mainstream media has since continued to demonize him and paint him as crazy and paranoid to discredit his ideas. His tour has since been cancelled in 21 cities. According to sources, Kanye West was handcuffed to a gurney and was taken to a hospital in Los Angeles, as directed by his management.

During his last concert, Kanye flaunted, “I’m on my Trump sh*t tonight…Yeah I’m taking his lead… I’ma just be Ye and win”, while calling out radio and google for “lying” to us.

 “Obama couldn’t make America Great because he couldn’t be him, to be who he was.
Black men have been slaves, Obama wasn’t allowed to do this, (inaudable screaming) and still win
He had to be perfect but being perfect don’t always change sh*t, bro – being perfect don’t always change sh*t”

Kanye continued ,”This is a moment in the matrix.. I been sent here to give ya’ll my truth, even at the risk of my own life” “This is the future, this is the way of thinking to Make America Great Again” many in the crowd cheered while some booed. “Ya’ll didn’t like that, guess what? Ya’ll need the vibes…. Feelings matter bro, It’s a new world, Hillary Clinton!… Feelings matter!”






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