Rappers LOVE the Donald


There is no doubt that Donald Trump has had his fair share of “criticism” from Hollywood elite and celebrities who were (probably) paid off nicely from the Clinton campaign. But let us not forget the artists who have worked hard their whole lives to make a dollar out of 15 cents and have seen the outright destruction of Democratic policies on inner cities.

Even with knowing the viscous attacks that will follow supporting a Trump presidency, many Hip Hop stars have taken to the airwaves to say what they really feel. 50 cent, Young Jeezy, and many others have spoken in favor for the Billionaire Businessman Mogul. While others like P. Diddy (Is it Puff Daddy again?), hasn’t endorsed Trump, he has definitely made it clear who he doesn’t support – President Barack Obama, and encouraged the black community to hold their vote from Democrats this upcoming election.

Rappers speak out for Trump

Even artist Uncle Murda has made it a point to mention Donald Trump in his new debut single “Camron Voice” with lyrics:

“I’mma say what’s on my mind
Y’all can say whatever
I’m rooting for Trump
He bringing back the Reagan era
Can’t trust Hillary
Hillary can’t suck dick
That’s why Bill cheated with the Monica Lewinsky bitch”


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