OPINION: Today’s Socialists Should be Mocked, not Feared


By Zach Myshkoff

For decades, Republicans have used the fear of socialism as a rallying cry for their base.  Ronald Reagan warned of the dangers of socialized medicine as far back as the 1960s.  Republican’s railed against the dangers of a socialist advance under Obama, and the Trump campaign is running hard against “the squad” and “Crazy Bernie”. 

As a political consultant, I can’t argue against the political effectiveness of playing to the fear of socialism, because they play on the dangers of socialism overseas.  Millions died and were tormented by socialist regimes in the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cambodia, and Cuba among many others. 

But let’s be real; socialism will never take hold in the United States.  While socialist countries drove the people into poverty and to early graves, American capitalism prospered, and the United States became the sole global superpower. The ideals of socialism remain as unpopular as ever, despite the lunatic fringe of the Democratic Party embracing them. But perhaps the biggest obstacle to socialism ever taking is the people advocating for it.

The largest socialist organization in the United States is the Democratic Socialists of America.  They worship Bernie Sanders and his “free stuff” and “blame the billionaires” philosophy while counting “the squad” amongst their members.

They recently had a convention and what a laughingstock it was.  Instead of plotting a global take over, members argued over whether applause was “triggering”. A leader on the dais informed delegates about the “quiet rooms” available.  A delegate rose for a point of personal privilege.  He was struggling from sensory overload because other delegates were whispering to each other.  Not to be outwoked, another delegate rose and complained about the use “gendered language”- one of the delegates addressed the crowd as “guys”.

So American’s can rest assured.  The Democratic Socialists are nowhere near taking power.  Their ideas are repulsive to most American’s.  And if that ever changes, just clap loudly and they’ll have a full mental breakdown. 


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