Opinion: Israel is Right to Ban Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib


Political grandstanding is as central to being a politician as breathing is to living, but perhaps no politicians have been better grandstanders then the members of the so-called “squad” Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.  From protesting outside Nancy Pelosi’s office to feuding with Trump to minimizing 9/11, these 3 Congresswoman have grandstanded like few Member’s of Congress dare to dream.  

But most disturbing has been not only their opposition to Israel but their penchant for anti-Semitism.   Their planned trip to Israel and Palestine would have only served the purpose of political grandstanding and appealing to their anti-Semitic base.

The rationale for denying their admission is quite simple. Israel should not have to admit US Lawmakers whose views fall out of the US Mainstream and don’t represent official US Government policy, who have a history of anti-Semitic comments, and where the resulting visit would have in all likelihood resulted in damage to Image.  



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