Disney Filmmaker has some very disturbing tweets – about little boys


Disney Filmmaker James Gunn is no stranger to twitter, frequently posting rants against Donald Trump and the current political atmosphere, but on Thursday, some of the Guardian of the Galaxy director’s very obscure tweets gained attention.

The filmmaker rushed to delete the tweets, but not before the internet got screenshots:

Mike Cernovich even retweeted one, which was quickly deleted by Gunn:

Gunn rapidly replied to criticism, claiming to barely have know how to use twitter back in 2008, when one of the tweets were written.

Disney has not yet released a statement on the comments.

Alternatively, President Donald Trump has recently made great strides in protecting Children, recently signing a bill to stop sex traffickers. Whether his accomplishments and ground-breaking arrests will be acknowledged by the mainstream media is yet to be seen.

Update: Disney has fired James Gunn in response.


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