CNN desperate to save Clinton Campaign, ignores FBI case, blames FBI Director James Comey


Just a few weeks ago, Democrats seemed pretty content with James Comey’s decision not to indict Hillary Clinton in the frivolous FBI case involving her private server and 33,000 deleted emails. But now that FBI Director Comey has to decided to re-open the case due to new evidence, some Democrats are turning a blind eye to the scandal, and even talking harshly about Comey, despite previous praising.

It is no surprise to anyone that turns the channel to CNN to have a peek can see the blatant bias. Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert and blog writer took to twitter on the matter :



Much of the conversation seemed to be hovering around Obama. This is most likely due to Clinton’s sinking numbers with black voters. With the clock counting down, and latest Trump accuser plan falling flat on it’s face, it’s no wonder the mainstream media is ripping and scratching their way out of the ditch the Clinton’s have dug.

Nonetheless, many democrats have awakened to see that having a President under investigation is more trouble than it’s worth, and could possibly be damaging to the Democratic brand for decades. There was a spike in google searches in North Carolina on how to “change early vote”.

Long time Clinton supporter and friend Doug Schoen surprised everyone when he rescinded his endorsement:


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