Opinion: Presidential Candidates Holding Elected Positions Should Forfeit Salary During Campaign


As the Democratic primaries move forward and the third debate fast approaches, the race is turning into a battle for 2% in the polls and $1 donations. Most of the candidates have no chance of winning the primary or getting close and they know this.  

By last count, there are six Senators, four Members of Congress, one Governor and three Mayors running for President and neglecting the needs of the offices they currently hold.  Instead of meeting with constituents, these wanna-be leaders are meeting with voters in Iowa and New Hampshire. Instead of attending necessary meetings or votes, they are making donor calls.  

The presidential election has in large, turned into a vanity contest of politicians neglecting their current positions to build up their political capital. This is by no means a partisan issue. Most of the Republicans running in 2016, had no business running either.  

Our country deserves elected officials who do their jobs, not get elected and then plan their next campaign. That is why, I am proposing all current elected officials running for President should forfeit their salary while campaigning.  

This serves two purposes — to save Taxpayers money by not paying politicians neglecting the job and to winnow down the field and make a costly candidacy keep the non-serious candidates from running.  

And then there’s the case of Bill DeBlasio. He should just resign. 


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