CEO of COMVO blasts Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey over Alex Jones permanent suspension


On Thursday, Twitter released a statement, expaining the banishment of controversial radio talk show host, Alex Jones.

Twitter finally made the move to match Facebook, Google, Spotify and YouTube a day after the hearings on Wednesday at Capitol Hill. CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey was seen by a congressional committee to be questioned about the mass censorship of conservatives on his platform.

Alex Jones live streamed himself outside of the hearing. Jones lambasted reporters and most notably, confronted Senator Marco Rubio and CNN’s reporter Olivia Darcy.

President Trump has not been silent on the issue, unlike much of Congress. Just last month, President Trump addressed the issue of Big Tech banning.

On Thursday, owner of COMVO, Rich Castaldo, made the following statement

“Free-speech is the foundation of a free society. The Constitution guarantees for all the right to speak their mind. Although I differ on many issues with Alex Jones, I believe even he has the right to the protections of our First Amendment. We don’t have to agree with someone and we can even despise people and their comments but they are still protected. Twitter today has demonstrated they are much less concerned with the rights of the individual and more concerned about appeasing pressure from the anti-free speech machine that is gripping social media. As the CEO of COMVO, I will do all I can to make sure free speech and our First Amendment is preserved. Jack Dorsey and Twitter have proven today that they are not interested in upholding the right afforded to every American and have folded from political pressure.”

The new social media has racked up over 15,000 new users within a short few weeks following the China-styled censorship that big tech has enacted.

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