Could this Cool New App Be The Death of Facebook?


JULY 13, 2017

Could this Cool New App Be The Death of Facebook?

New York City, NY, July 13, 2017—
COMVO, a new smartphone app developed by BPM Marketing, LLC, is changing the way people communicate on social media. By combining the convenience of texting with voice recording, COMVO speaks, allowing users to leave comments, send voicemails and post statuses—using his or her voice—with the push of a button.


Email or text communications can be misconstrued because tone, intonation and emotion do not come through accurately. COMVO eliminates that ambiguity by letting users record their text, status or posts using their own voice. With a simple-to-use interface, COMVO incorporates all of the elements of the most popular social media tools. Users can have followers, groups or friends; the app allows for posting pictures, liking updates or exchanging messages. The difference between COMVO and other apps is that you can be heard, with your own voice.

“If you have ever received a text or email that you thought was negative or mean, only to find out it was the exact opposite, then COMVO is for you,” said Rich Castaldo, CEO of BPM Marketing, LLC. “Texting and emailing have all but eliminated voice communications; COMVO takes the benefits of technology and enables people to once again communicate using their voices. We are bringing an authenticity to the way we communicate today.”

Comvo Desktop version

COMVO will be free to access at and free for download to your IOS or android device from the App store and Google Play. Check it out here:

itunes app

Google app

COMVO users can communicate either privately or publicly and have the option of using voice to post, comment and reply; traditional methods of texting, posting video and images are also available. Instead of just reading the content, users can listen to “voice” posts or messages, which returns a personal element to communications. Like other popular social networking apps, COMVO shares posts or messages across other platforms easily.

“Facebook has a new competitor,” said Castaldo. “People want to be heard, and COMVO is enabling them to do just that—loud and clear.”

Comvo billboard

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