Following the FBI revelation of re-opening the Clinton Email scandal, doom is seemingly in the horizons for the Clinton Campaign, and it looks like they know it. If you thought Hillary had a negative campaign that focused entirely on Donald Trump before, then you haven’t seen her now.

During Hillary Clinton’s twitter tirade over the weekend, the Democratic Presidential Nominee requested that Donald Trump disclose all ties to Russia, which was then immediately debunked by NY Times.

russians are coming

Clinton also retweeted an article from CNBC claiming that James Comey opposed naming Russians in the meddling of US elections, effectively suggesting that our FBI Director is also working for the Russians.

Hillarys Retweet

On October 30th, Hillary Clinton tweeted a link of all the people that Donald Trump has offended. The only problem is that ISIS is listed as a group undeserving of his insults.




Taking a look back at the Republican primaries we seen similar tactics from trumps opponents. We all know how that ended. His competitors all seem to reach the same mode of panic and the worst mistake they make is playing on his field.


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  1. Hillary Clinton. what a joke I was laughing my ass off. She has lost her mind . If she thinks anyone is buying this bullshit she is nuts. We all know Trump has No Ties To Russia. What she does not tell her voters is that she does. She sold Russia 20% of our uranium for millions of dollars and put the money in her pocket. I do believe that is illegal Hillary. Just like everything else you do. That is illegal. You can’t go through life and lie to people over and over and keep up your corruption . You are a disgrace. You need to stick your head in a hole and never come out. Amazing they are talking about you now on the news and you selling Russia that uranium . crooked Hillary. You sold us off to the Russian Hillary. It is on fox now. You are such a disgusting person Hillary.
    And the way you left Haiti is a disgrace. You did nothing for the people but Haiti but steal millions of dollars that was donated to help the people of Haiti . The people of Haiti have no homes no running water no bathrooms. and not much food. You are a selfish evil woman. You .should rot. Amazing here they showed you on TV again talking to your people at the rally speaking lies and more lies about Trump. We have seen the way you have spoken to your help . You called donna a nigger and told her to go be a janitor . I bet you don’t tell your voters that. You cuss like a sailor and speak to people like they are dogs. People know who you are and what you are. Oh and let’s not forget about your stepson that you have done nothing for. He has a right to know his sister. It is amazing how much he looks just like his daddy Bill. He was On tv today. But I am sure you already know about that. You are corrupted a liar and a thief.

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