5 times Eminem used his ‘white privilege’ to degrade black people


When Eminem blasted into the mainstream music scene in the late 90’s, he ripped down the walls of political correctness and language policing.

But today, Eminem seems to have adapted the politically correct culture, while openly disavowing his ‘whiteness’, saying he is “embarrassed to be white”. But, as much as a black genre like hip hop has done for Eminem, he still found it important to attack those who paved the road for him as an artist.

Here we roll out 5 times Eminem degraded black people:

1. Michael Jackson

Here, Michael Jackson responds to mockery in Eminem’s music video ‘Just Lose It’. The musical legend, in an interview with Geraldo Rivera, says the video was ‘pretty painful’ and that Eminem should be ‘ashamed of himself’.

2. Mariah Carey
Eminem tells Mariah to ‘shut the fuck up’ in the 3 and a half minute tirade against the Black mogul.

3. Nick Cannon
Along with Mariah Carey, Eminem drags Nick Cannon along for the disrespect, calling him a ‘faggot’.

4. Ja Rule
Here, Eminem threatens rapper Ja Rule’s life:

5. Benzino
Eminem attacks the record producer Benzino in this diss track

Now that Eminem has branded himself a spokesperson against bigotry, it would be nice to see him disavow the viscous attacks against black people that he has made, especially while doing it on a platform that he appropriated from black culture.


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