New Jersey Democrats vote in favor of high pollution and taxes


Middlesex, New Jersey, a county under Democratic control, plagued by over $500,000,000 in debt, according to the latest annual debt records, has now made a drastic turn for the worst.

In a 3 to 2 vote, Democrats of East Brunswick township council voted to go forward with eminent domain on Route 18 of New Jersey. This East Brunswick land-grab will force businesses to move and more changes will come as they plan to build a large apartment complex. In a angered facebook post, Freeholder candidate Mina Kolta took to social media to voice concerns over the decision:

In a changing political climate, they face a new competitive force as Mina Kolta speaks to citizens one on one:

The chosen freeholders of Middlesex County, who oversee the massive budget will be up for re-election on November 7th, 2017 – against new challengers Mina Kolta, Priti Pandya Patel, and surrogate Karim Nicola.

Mina Kolta, 2017 Freeholder candidate


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