Operation destroy Trump: how Facebook is allowing bots to manipulate pro-Trump posts


Before Donald J. Trump was president, Facebook users often seen a bombardment of comments from patriots as the top replies to his facebook posts. Top comments were flourished with his true supporters, pushed to the top by genuine likes of agreement. Facebook was very much unlike Twitter, where verified users (many of which have less than 10,000 followers) make a career out of stalking Trump’s page to receive top comment, not from merit, but from staring at their computer screens and blasting out a comment as fast as they humanly can within the same split second that Trump tweets.

But now, it seems something has changed on Facebook. Top comments on Trump posts have been flooded by hateful users, many of which have 0 friends, 1 picture and a mostly empty page. Just one peek at Trumps page and i quickly noticed one of these haters copy and pasting the same exact paragraph on multiple Trump posts, yet still able to get pushed to the top.


Things like this are extremely fishy. Many of comments that are pelted to the top fit the same model. Bad grammar, empty facebook page, copying a pasting the same comment on different days (without even editing grammatical errors). It is also curious that these comments are not marked as spam by Facebook.

But why would social media pursue something so petty? Well let’s see.

Political operatives understand that social media made the Trump Presidency. A Harvard study found that 80% of all media coverage was negative toward Trump. Additionally, 500 newspapers and magazines endorsed Hillary Clintonfor President, while only 27 backed Trump. It is clear that social media made the difference. It is where patriots congregated in an open market of ideas. A place where they could research issues on their own and hear directly from each politician, minus the monkey in the middle mainstream media. Donald Trump even has stated that social media helped him win. Even when Facebook banned conservatives, it was still impossible to completely silence voices. With this realization, social media has begun to take different approaches: Sway public opinion through other seemingly public opinions. If they can take away the one thing from Donald Trump that led him to victory – his direct line to the real people – they will win.

What you can do about it:

Stop replying and reacting to their comments. I know it’s tempting to tell them where to go shove their comment, but interactions may be one of the reasons they’re driven to the top.


You can also move your business elsewhere. We recommend: Comvo.net, where you will not be ostracized for your beliefs.


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