Facebook starts banning massive Pro-Trump groups, free-speech social media alternative ‘COMVO’ skyrockets


According to reports, the Facebook group ‘Big League Politics’, which had over 132,000 members, was shut down without reason. Group admin, Lori Saxon received the following notification:

These high-profile shut-downs have been happening to Trump supporters more and more frequently. The “God Emperor Trump” Facebook page had been shutdown last year without warning. The page was later reinstated, and the admins made a second facebook page┬áin preparation for another unexpected shut-down.

Now Facebook users have found a new alternative called ‘COMVO’. This site values free-speech and, unlike many social media sites that have tried to compete up against the monopoly monsters like Facebook and Twitter, COMVO is an innovative and offers a new, exciting experience for all users. Most notably, their main feature is audio comments. New users find it relieving to have a site that doesn’t manipulate the trending hashtags to fit a certain narrative.

Click the picture to sign up today or visit Comvo.net


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