Jill Stein’s recount effort comes to a screeching halt in Pennsylvania


Jill Stein’s ploy to overthrow the election comes to a screeching stop at Pennsylvania. Unlike her plea for donations where she claimed to need the funds to ‘file’ a recount, Pennsylvania does not authorize recounts until it is appealed in court. There must be proof of probable fraud, or in legal terms – prima facie, and the judge will decide whether or not to grant a recount. This may be a difficult feat considering computer specialists say there is no proof of hacking of fraud.

The deadline to file an appeal in Pennsylvania is November 28th.


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  1. Carolyn Capozziello on

    Cut the crap Stein….you didn’t even make the cut for a lot of states. The money you are collecting under the bogus statement is that you need to “PAY” for the recount, will no doubt be put into a nice quiet summer home somewhere close to the one Sanders got for shutting his mouth on voter fraud.
    THE ELECTION IS OVER….WE WON….STOP THE B S. WE TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK ON JANUARY 20th……make sure you are out of town before that date.

    • Trump should challenge the vote in every state on the grounds that dead people and illegal aliens voted and their votes should be separated and not count. If that happened, Trump would have won the popular vote by over 10 million!

    • GEORGE SOROS gave her $4 million to “PAY” for the recount….Just make sure you deduct the votes from ILLEGALS….DEAD PEOPLE….and those scumbags who voted for Hillary more than once from DIFFERENT STATES!! You and Hillary are BOTH a disgrace to America by wasting money on this stupid recount, when it SHOULD be given to homeless families in America, MAKE-A-WISH, St. Jude Hospital, Wounded Vets and cancer patients who don’t have enough money for their treatments!
      Now blow your noses, pick up your toys and move on with your pathetic lives….we will FINALLY have a president who has a heart for the American worker and will put OUR needs before his own.

  2. Pocket padding. How much did she spend on her campaign? Gotta make that lost cash up, I’m sure shes saying that its not fair that she spent all her money on a failed run at the presidency.

  3. Ya all them illegal votes in California that the illegals could vote by the applications Jerry Brown had them use….over the internet via vote .gov. …they made allowence if they did not have a state or ssi number …from the app I read .

  4. This has to be the most flagrant con job ever perpetrated on the gullible liberal population in our nation history . I guess they can now claim they own a piece of a bridge in Brooklyn NY.

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